Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Consign & Make a Buck

Earlier this week, I purged my closet. It's a tradition for me now twice a year to rid myself of anything taking up space. So far, I like this tradition enough to keep it. I think you'd find you liked it too, if you tried.
Dress from Buffalo Exchange $16. I had trade $ so it was even less.

Out with the old and in with the new. I consign because I can trade something I will never wear for something I DROOL over, like the above dress. I could live in that dress. Can't even remember what I traded in that day because whatever it was, I hardly ever wore it.

So, you want to try, eh? Well, there is an art to consigning. One I have only recently mastered- instead of learning the hard way, try out these quick and easy secrets from me:

1). Be realistic. If your clothes are faded, well worn, stained, ripped, or plain out of style would you wear them? Probably not. Nobody else will want to either.

2). Only try to consign things you still like in your closet you just don't wear enough to keep. 

3). Learn to let go. I know you wore that dress last winter when you got engaged but, face it, you've worn it all of twice. Don't get too sentimental with clothes or they'll rot in your closet and when you're finally ready to part with them it'll be too late- no one would give you a dime for them.

4). Know the seasons. Call a store first before bringing seasonal items to make sure they are buying them then.

5). Keep in mind your target audience. What kind of store is it and who do they sell to mostly?  Is it more trendy? Classic? A mix? Consigning is an art that revolves around knowing what piece belongs at what store. 

6). Don't get discouraged. Last week, I took two grocery bags worth to a store where they purchased nothing. I brought the same bag to another store & they bought eight items! Every store has a different need- one store may even turn down something nice they'd normally take because they are already overstocked.

7). Know how the system works. Does the store offer money up front or after an item sells? Do they give you a certain percentage for cash versus trade? Will they donate your stuff after a certain number of days? 

Make sure to call and find out how much money you have in store trade- that's your responsibility, not the stores. 

Good luck to you! If you're from the Phoenix area, here are my favorite consigners:

1). For my more trendy, hip clothes I take them to Buffalo Exchange. They give you  money on the spot too (thirty percent cash or fifty percent store credit), which is nice. If they don't take my things, I then head over to:

2). Poor Little Rich Girl Uptown. They tend to have an older, more established audience and my nicer pieces will go for more $ there then they would at Buffalo. 
They have a different style too than Buffalo and I have pretty good luck here. 

3). Lastly, I take all the leftovers to My Sister's Closet. They seem to take the widest arrange of things and are also, according to reviews, the least ethical with your things (aka donating quickly, letting employees have things for free). Essentially, that's why I give them my leftovers. :-) 

4). Other consigners in the valley include: Plato's Closet, A Second Look, and Simply Posh.

Google "consignment store in ___" to find plenty in your area. Good luck!