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Five Books We Are Reading During Quarantine

I suppose the bright side of quarantining is tackling that ambitious reading list we made for ourselves, right? 
Where are you getting books from these days since the libraries closed? My friend and I have been doing book swaps to keep the kids with a fresh rotation. Another friend of mine with older kids dropped off a huge crate of children's books for us that she was clearing out. I bought a few titles online that I'd been eying. And, we've also been consistently raiding the Free Little Libraries in our neighborhoods (including our own).
My son is also really into the Green Ember series on Hoopla. He's almost done with the fourth book in a matter of two weeks since it's an audiobook collection (hallelujah for audio books!) 
Here are a few favorites I added to our children’s library collection during this season:
1). Knee Knock Rise by Natalie Babbit- This wasn't even on my reading list but I'm so glad we found it. This is the first mystery Ezra and I ever rea…

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