Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reflections and Prescriptions of the Past and Coming Year

I ran my fingers through Ezra’s hair tonight, watching his wavy brown locks fall against the stark white pillow, and reflected on the day, as he drifted in and out of sleep.

I wanted so badly to travel the world before I settled down and had a child; as I snuggle close to him now, I realize there is no place as sweet as by his little side, in the quiet hours of the night. He makes me slow down, and I am grateful for it.

Two years ago, on New Year’s Eve, my husband and I sat outside with our friends and built a bonfire by torching our dried out Christmas tree, and we talked about that year’s high’s and low’s, as the smell of pine and smoke mixing filled the air. It’s probably my favorite New Year’s Eve to date.

Tonight, I find myself reflecting on this year, even though it’s only November.

2014. I found myself often overwhelmed and tired, too busy for hobbies I love most, and too preoccupied with frivolous things, like social media, and long to-do lists.

As I reflect tonight, I realize that I am growing tired of my addiction to social media. I think we have all become so good at connecting with other people that we've forgotten how to connect with ourselves as individuals, or our creator, on a daily basis.

And we have become so used to constant stimulation that we cannot sit still long enough to enjoy a moment without feeling like we have to share it with someone else. Sometimes, moments are just like secrets, they are intended only for us.

I know circumstances were part of the reason I felt overwhelmed so often this year, but I believe bombarding myself with technology is much to blame, too.

It doesn't boost my perspective on my life to scroll through perfect image after perfect image on my Instagram feed, nor does scrolling aimlessly through status updates make me feel any less lonely. It just puts off dealing with reality a little longer.

 I am prescribing for myself in 2015 more time for reflection, and less time for technology.  

I need more hours relishing in my son’s childhood and a few less hours scrolling through feeds. I want to slow down with him, I want to enjoy hobbies. 

I want to take a few less Instagram pictures and capture a few more moments in a journal. That friends, is my 2015 prescription.

 What’s yours?

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