Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pediatricians, Naturopaths, Obstetricians/Gyno's & General Practice Doctors: A List of Recommended Doctors who won't Hassle the more Natural-Minded Folk

It's important to actually like the doctor you choose. If you pay for their services, they should be respectful, considerate, and valuable to you as the parent/patient. That's why I decided to put together a comprehensible list of doctors from all over the valley based off of my natural-minded friend's opinions of them. Take it or leave it for what it's worth, but I trust these women's opinions more than the Medical Journal's list of best docs ;)

Starting with the Pediatricians...

This list is comprised using the advice of mommies like myself, woman who may or may not vaccinate on alternate schedules/not at all/choose only some vaccines, and want a doctor who doesn't make chiding remarks about personal parenting decisions. It's also a list comprised of the pediatricians who provided excellent service & took time with our children. That, after all, is what is most important.

West Valley
1). Dr. Engstrom from Pinnacle Family Medicine (Litchfield and Camelback- mothers give him 5 out of  5 stars).
2). Dr. Sarino of Desert Valley Ped in Surprise (5 out of 5 stars for him specifically, but no other docs in the practice were recommended)
3). Dr. Balderrama (Campbell & Maryvale Parkway. Some mother really love him- I, personally, brought my son and thought the staff were very friendly but chose somewhere closer to me).
4). Dr Barbarinde (Del Webb area)
5). Dr. Marcala of Surprise Pediatrics (mother rated her experience a 3 out of 5)
6). Pleasant Pediatrics (mother had no complaints about the way she was treated when she said she birthed at a birth center, not a hospital).

East Valley
1). Dr. Winterland at Mesa Pediatrics (BIG practice. Some mothers are very happy here, others are less thrilled with the size & staff of the practice)
2). Dr. Curran at East Valley Children's Center (101 and southern)
3). Dr Whitten at Caring for Families (a family practice in Awhatukee)

Phoenix/North Scottsdale
1). Dr. Agarwel of Agave Pediatrics (very highly recommended- Dr. Sears has included him on the list of pediatricians in Arizona who are ok with alternate vaccine schedules).
2). Dr. Laurie Jones of St. Joe's Pediatrics (very highly recommended in the Phoenix area)


West Valley
1). Dr. Q at Sunshine Healthcare (94th Ave and Thunderbird)

East Valley
1). Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (student doctors in Tempe- cheaper way to see a naturopath)
2). Anne Marie Palze (midwife AND naturopathic doctor- doesn't get cooler than that! Said to be affordable too)
3). Dr. Nicole Cain (Tempe area)

Phoenix/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley
1). Dr. DiCampli at Naturopathic Family Care (aka Longevity Medical) 
2). Dr. Wazny (Very highly recommended- Scottsdale area) 


West Valley
1). Dr Goad at Banner Estrella

2). Dr. Walter at Estrella Women's Health Center (103rd Ave and Indian School)
3). Dr Rosario (Indian School between Litchfield and Dysart) 
4). Dr Mystie Johnson at West Valley Woman's
5). Dr. DiLeo at West Valley Women's Care (Banner Estrella off Thomas and 91st)
6). Marv Erickson at Arrowhead Women's Center

East Valley

1). Arcadia Well Woman's (Scottsdale/Arcadia area)
2). Paradise Valley OBGyn (especially Dr Deka)
3). Dr Sally Wareing (believes in delayed cored clamping, skin-to-skin, less than 10% C-Section rate, VBACS) 
4). Bethany Women's Healthcare

Primary Care Doctors

1). Natalie Suedekum at Lifescape Medical (Bell and the 101 in Scottsdale)
2). Dr Tamara Lieberman (32nd st and Camelback)
3). Jennifer King at Osborn Family Medicine (Scottsdale & Osborn)

West Valley

East Valley 
1). Dr Whitten at Caring for Families 
2). Page Family Practice (Tempe - Julie Rake PA-C, Dr Robert Page, or Brandy Davis Ingram, PA. I especially recommend Brandy- she is down-to-earth and a big supporter of natural health methods).  

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