Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweet Triumph

by: Isaiah Rodriguez
Bright and starry eyed
There I watched tears run dry
Cute and limp hear my cry
Turned over and down
An interesting frown turned upside down
They smacked my butt and said, “He’s fine.”

Born 11 minutes after arriving at the "Inn" on April 11, 2012 7lbs 8oz. Picture by Diane Hamre -Janelle 

Picture by Diane Hamre
And a father's first moments are beautiful too. 

This was taken after the first precious minutes with my long awaited son (5+ years and 4 miscarriages, 4 surgeries!). He was blue because he was bruised by his rapid delivery with a nuchal cord. We weren't sure so my friend Jenna gave him a little oxygen for less than a minute until we were sure. He was back in my arms and breast feeding within minutes of this picture! I had vernix and blood and baby pee all over me and cherished every bit! I cried with happiness! I felt most comfortable pushing like this but had spent a LOT of time in the rocking chair and shower.

Both pictures of me seeing my little miracles first time 1st picture is Sophia March 23,2012 and Taytum Sept 21, 2009. I love sharing this pictures! I could just stare at these pictures for hours with tears of joy!

This is right after they laid her on my stomach. Seeing her face for the first time! I lost it! :)


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