Saturday, April 6, 2013

30 for 30: Confined by the Limitations of My Own Closet

Truthfully, I'm never amazed by well-dressed women with money. There are plenty of beautiful clothes waiting to be swiped up by a woman who can effortlessly swipe her card any time she pleases.

No, I'm not impressed by your $1,500 silk dress & matching leather pumps. You paid to look that awesome.

What impresses me are the women I know that aren't spending much money and they still manage to pull off impeccable style.

Now, I'm not saying that's me. Maybe someday. Right now, I'm too focused on baby trends to care about what's trending for me.

Plus, my bank account went all Scrooge on me (I know, bank accounts have a mind of their own) in order to get student loans paid off in a jiffy.

 Goals are good. Goals are good.  

I love goals...

Anyways, I came across this challenge called the 30 for 30. Basically, for 30 looong days I must only shop and piece together outfits from my very own closet, without spending a. single. dime.

Challenge accepted. Each week, I'll share with you what I wore, since I know you are positively dying with curiosity!

Oh, and disclaimer, I'm not saying these outfits are my best work. Remember, I've got to be practical. ( I mean, can I feed Ezra in this??)

I'll even tell you where I got it, if I remember! 

Week I

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