Friday, March 22, 2013

Women, Beautiful & Insecure

It was happening again. As Ezra stared at his reflection happily, blissfully unaware that the baby in front of himself was, indeed himself, I, on the other hand, was too painstakingly aware that the reflection was me.

I don't think I am ugly. I workout hard & eat a decent diet so I can maintain a size four. And I grew up with a mom who told me every day how beautiful I was & a husband who continues to do so.

But, it doesn't matter.  I still have moments when I look in the mirror & find fault with the image staring back at me.

from 31 Women in Art
I could tell you that the reason I sometimes am unhappy with myself is all society's fault- they toss around airbrushed images of flawless beauty queens on every magazine page & television screen & I try to measure up to that.

However, I refuse to blame insecurity on society, because I have a feeling that women have been feeling insecure long before airbrushing became the norm.

Women, you are beautiful.

 But, you are also insecure.

 Your greatest flaw is not the bump in your nose, or the cellulite on your thighs, your fault is that you find fault in the flaws that make you an individual.

I have met some of the most physically eye-pleasing women, only to find out, they are sometimes the most painfully insecure, and I think to myself, "if you're that good-looking & still insecure, what hope is there for everyone else?!"

photo by Nagi Sakai

It's almost like they know they got so close to perfection that they obsess with the one or two things that keep them from it.

Of late, I realized how sexy confidence is. When a confident woman walks into a room, no matter how quiet or subtle her demeanor, watch everyone notice her. Watch women flock to her.

Because she embraces who God designed her to be, she makes no excuses for her quirks, but laughs at them with ease, and other women feel comfortable in her presence. It makes them feel better about their own flaws to see a woman embracing hers.

I believe God created women as the EPITOME of BEAUTIFUL.  It's in her subtle movements, the way she swings her hips, the way she always knows best. It's in the way she is honest with herself, & selfless in her nurturing. It's in the way she is fierce or meek, or both. It's in the curve of her smile, the light in her eyes. It's in her willingness to love & be loved. 

You see, a woman who is confident in her God given body, mind & spirit, that is beautiful.

 Women, you are beautiful, I only pray you know it too.

In the next week, I will introduce you to women that have decided to share with you why they are beautiful, whether it be a picture, words, or both. This is a campaign to instill confidence where it may have been lost. 



  1. Very interesting and so true!

  2. Love this post Krisann! You speak with eloquence and ease! And your thoughts are inspiring! :)