Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teething Remedies

Uh oh... Someone is showing sure signs of teething :/

Like any modern mom, I've resorted to Google, Pinterest, & other moms to help me create a list of helpful teething solutions.

Here's the list I've comprised:

Natural Remedies:

1. Teething necklaces- My friend makes the most adorable teething necklaces (pictured above on the left) and her prices are unbeatable! Check out her  company, Honi Kine, on Facebook or email her, to custom make one to fit your personality. Before I discovered that she made them, I orderd one through the Etsy shop, Kangaroo Care (pictured above on the right). It was pricier and I don't like it as much as the one I got from Honi Kine :/ Regardless, Ezra loves to chew and play with both necklaces.

2. Freeze a cloth and let the baby gnaw at it. Tie a knot in one end & even try soaking in chamomile tea before freezing.

3. Raw green onions with the tough end part only-just cut the roots off so baby can gnaw on it (its stays cold and chewy but he/she can't break it off)

4. Amber teething necklace. I bought my baby an amber teething necklace because many moms said their babies were less fussy during teething. The amber supposedly provides analgesic support during teething). When ordering, look for the raw, unpolished amber beads.

5. Hylands' Teething Gel & Camomilia- Homeopathic alternatives to the "orajelesque "products out there. My baby doesn't mind camomilia & it does work but the relief is short-lasting.

6. Hylands' Teething Tablets-These also work but the relief is very temporary. Order them online or through Walgreens, Sprouts, or many other grocery stores.

7. Cold carrots or apples are great for gnawing on, as well as chewing on a toothbrush, pacifier, or a splinter-free wood spoon!

8. When all else fails, let them chew on your clean, delicious fingers. That's provided some of the best relief for my baby.

And some additional tips from the mums in my Inn Mommies group:

9. Mesh feeders- with frozen foods like bananas or breast milk. 

10. Teething biscuits

11. Chamomile Tea- Simmer 1 tsp. dried chamomile in 1 C of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain and let it cool. Have child sip from spoon or drink from a bottle.

12. Calcaria carbonica- 2 pellets broken between two spoons as needed. 

Good luck parents!

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