Thursday, January 31, 2013

Few people will take parenting advice from the mother of one 3 month old- however, most would listen to a seasoned mom of six. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my mom is the power of life & death in the words we speak over our children.

I shutter every time I hear a parent/caretaker call a child a brat. A mistake. A nuisance. Spoiled.
The words you speak over your child becomes their inner voice. If you call your child a brat they will believe you. & they will emulate that.

Growing up, if I called my brother stupid I had to “take it back” and replace the word; for example, “Mike, you aren’t stupid, you are smart.”

As silly as it seems, it taught us the power of our words over others. It taught us not to believe the negative lies that we’re thrown our way when we got older.

If you are fond of name calling then try telling your child they are acting like a brat but not that they are a brat. Adding two simple words can make
a difference in who they believe they are.

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