Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Magic of Life

  Remember when you were little and Christmas was magical? You could hardly go to bed the night before in anticipation of all the green & red wrappings you’d find in the morning underneath the tree. 
And then you grew up & life sort of lost that magic.
You started dreading all the additional holiday expenses. In your eyes, nicely wrapped presents became price tags.
And when Disneyland closed down the Swiss Family Treehouse at Yesterland, you even realized Disneyland wasn’t the most magical place on earth, but just another money-minded business.    
Today I went to the convocation ceremony for my college. Ever since I wrote an article in my university’s magazine on our school’s graduation history, I started envisioning this magical process of graduation in my head.
“I will feel this overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment,” I promised myself.
But then today I woke up late & felt the need to yell at my better half too on behalf of his lateness (it’s better to blame someone else rather than yourself). And then I showed up to the ceremony to find the school gave me the wrong colored honor cords (oh no they didn’t!). 
Admittedly, the ceremony wasn’t magical. I was grouchy and tired and snappy.
See, I’d built these expectations of graduation in my head & quite frankly, as nice as it was, it didn’t meet those expectations. 
I wanted to be on time today to my ceremony, and I wanted to be handed the right honor cords. I wanted to go to a nice lunch and I wanted to feel accomplished. 
But therein lies the problem. I had too many expectations, and worst, they were selfish expectations.
I said all that to say this:
We take the magic out of life when we place expectations on it.
That’s why children see the magic in life- they don’t expect things like we adults do. They don’t get upset if Christmas dinner is served on plastic or china, or if Disneyland has over-priced rations. 
If only we adults could stop placing selfish expectations on life & be a little more childlike, we might start feeling the magic of life again.

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  1. Nice job Krisann, way to pull a Tasha on graduation day... I still love you and can't wait to see you...soon. Good article btw, we have a lot to catch up on

    -the one, the only, Natasha haha